A journey in France where I married Spirituality with Luxury…

A Few Highlights from FRANCE

I’m so blessed to have been able to spend almost 3 weeks back in my home country. Something was calling me. Since my grandmother’s passing, I have been feeling a strong pull to come home. And I started my journey by going on a spiritual retreat down in the South of France in Rennes Le Chateau, where it is said that Mary Magdalene lived and preached. It was a fabulous time of deep relaxation, filled with fun, adventures and mystery. Thousands of people flock to this remote area every year because the energy of the land there is special. Mt Bugarach is like the Mt Shasta of France. An interesting thing happened there, as if all my “worries” were taken away, lifted off. Entering in that space I felt light, happy, carefree and blissful. I thought to myself, more of that please!

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Then Paris and the Parisian Region were a completely different experience. Much more luxurious and grandiose in different ways. I love both those aspects of life equally: being in nature as well as in luxury.

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