Why Nathalie Chapron Will Help You Stand Out From Other Speakers, Attract More Ideal Clients and Make Money Faster

Could Nathalie Help me stand out…?

Is it really possible that changing my clothes could make me more successful?

Do clothes make the man or the woman?

Does the wrapping change the value of the package? Not the real value, no, but it does change the perceived value. You are being judged by the way you look all the time.

If you want to stand out, show up more confidently, attract more ideal clients and
open yourself to the next level of wealth and prosperity, you are in the right place.

My name is Nathalie Chapron and a few years ago, I had a transformation, it was like shedding a cocoon. It was so liberating, freeing, and empowering at the same time, that it was a turning point for me. I fell in love with this process and I knew it was my mission to take women through this transformation.

So what happens when my work is done?

How can I make you the promise that you will attract more clients?

Who do you feel more attracted to? Someone who is well dressed, put together and that shows a certain level of self-care? Or someone who walks into the room disheveled, unclean, with stains on their clothes and a bad odor lingering as they walk by?

Really? Which one are you most likely to do business with?

The same thing will happen to you when you feel good in your clothes, you show up differently.
Look, if you want to become a high-end authority, you have to look the part.

Have you ever met someone who is like a genius, like a college professor perhaps (I know it sounds cliché but it’s true!) and you look at their appearance and you don’t want to give them time on stage?

When you feel right in your clothes and your image supports your “credible expert and industry leader” status, you will get you through the door.

I can get you through the door. That’s how powerful my work is.

WHY should you trust me with your transformation?

Before the right clothes, come the right colors.

You can get very well cut, custom made clothes, but if the colors are wrong, they can make you look tired and even sallow and the effects will be disastrous.

So color is important. Yes. I believe color is one of the most underutilized source of influence and persuasion we have at our disposal.

I happen to work with over 30,000 colors and there are less than 30 of us in the world trained to do color analysis in my system. It’s very exclusive and the MOST effective color analysis system I know, which is why my clients’ transformations are so powerful and yield results.

In addition, I’m French. I was born with a sense of style, and I infuse a sophisticated European elegance to my work, which my clients love.

If your networking and speaking engagements are not attracting enough leads and turning them into clients there is a disconnect with your “presentation”. Something is either missing or not working.

To find out what that is, go to www.personalstyleassessment.com Once you finish the assessment, you’ll receive a personalized report and some free gifts to help you on your way.

“I have had a wonderful time working with Nathalie. I was hesitant to put myself in the public eye, thinking it was going to take weight loss or even a new head to feel confident about being “seen”. The new color palette she has given me is so ME and I feel energized and confident wearing these colors. Shopping is so fun now. The style guidelines make so much difference. Between the the new colors and the new styles people think I’ve lost weight, but even more, I am being seen as a professional by everyone. My inner sense of confidence and self are allowing me to step into my new personal and business roles. I love looking in my closet and getting dressed now. The knowledge Nathalie has shared with me has made a significant difference in my life.” ~ Andrea Bowers, Feldenkrais Practitioner

I needed new photos for my website. I wanted photos that looked great. Nathalie helped me to choose my outfits and jewelry and gave me a sense of confidence that I was able to transfer into my photos. Nathalie is fun to work with. She takes a subject that could be sensitive and makes it fun and enjoyable. Working with her infuses you with confidence.” – Bethany Kelly, Product developer and Coach