An Unusual Beauty Practice…

Ok, so you are a woman speaker, workshop leader, and as such you are always looking for ways to become more radiant, more attractive to your potential clients, more effective at communicating your message.

I have an unusual “beauty” practice you may not necessarily expect can help you with all those things, but it does. Before I tell you what the practice is let me share with you a little story.

Today is the super moon. The last super moon of 2013 apparently. So I wanted to be able to harness its power and send out my first newsletter to my list in that energy. I found myself being nervous, worrying, stressing out about what to send, that my VA wouldn’t be able to help me today etc… I started spinning out of control. And a place I go when I feel stressed is “I have to do everything myself”. “Nobody can do it as well as I can”. “I don’t feel supported”. Does that sound familiar?

Well, I went and did that beauty practice and here are the words I wrote in my journal right after I was done (this is how I felt): Rooted, grounded, solid, relaxed, held, received, nurtured, loved, seen, loved (I actually wrote it twice, so it must have been really strong!), open, aligned, centered, slow, smiling, sitting at the Throne of Myself.


IMG_0825Want some of that?

Here goes…

In our fast paced lifestyle, one thing is often missing, an actual connection to Mother Earth. And that can wreak havoc on our mental and physical well-being.

So here’s something you can do that will counteract some of the negative effects of the “Digital Age”.

Go barefoot on the earth. Take off your shoes and step on the ground. If there is a patch of grass or just raw earth in your garden, do it there. If you live in an apartment, make it a point to go to the park where you will be able to connect with the earth and GROUND.

I happen to have 3 magnificent redwood trees in my backyard and I go sit in between them, asking them to bless me with their amazing ability to ground. So find a tree you are drawn to and go be near that tree for inspiration and resonance.

Once you’ve stood on the earth barefoot for a few minutes, you can sit cross-legged. Once you are sitting, you can relax and focus on your breathing.

Close your eyes, inhale for 3 seconds, hold your breath for 3 seconds and exhale as slowly as you can (take 3 to 6 seconds to exhale), through the mouth. That will calm your system down.

IMG_0823 IMG_0824


Then as you continue to focus on your breath, imagine you have roots, long, healthy, beautiful roots coming out of your sacrum (your first chakra) down your legs and into the earth. Allow your roots to go down as far down into the earth as you can, until you reach the very core of the earth and as you breathe, allow anything you want to let go of to release down your roots. Allow Mother Earth to take what you don’t want anymore, She will transmute it for you. Once you’ve let go of what you don’t want anymore, imagine you can draw energy from the Earth (as if you were sipping in a straw) and into you, filling you up with that grounded, relaxed calm energy.

Feel your sits-bones firmly on the ground and become aware of how supported you really are.And as you fill yourself up with that yummy grounded energy, silently witness any tension or holding pattern anywhere in your body. Lovingly send love and appreciation to any tension-area you might feel. Send love and appreciation anywhere you feel any holding, discomfort, tension, stress, restriction. Breathe into the expansion that creates. Notice how breathing in Love & Appreciation creates more space in your body.

After you have done that for a few minutes and when you feel complete with this experience, simply say a simple silent “thank you” to Mother Earth and to the tree(s) who have helped you, open your eyes and notice how different you feel.

As business women we have so much to do and all too often we have a hard time finding the right kind of support. This exercise will help draw more support in your life. You will be more radiant, more grounded and therefore, more attractive to your potential clients.

I would love to hear your thoughts/comments/ and your experience with this practice.

Here’s to you SHINING on and off stage!


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