It’s time for me to come out of the closet…

A few weeks ago, I attended an event that blew my mind called “The Conscious Business Playground” organized by the fabulous Bill Baren and Patrick Dominguez.

At that invitation-only elite event, about 100 of our industry’s luminaries came together and we explored the question “what does it mean to be a conscious business owner?”

As you can imagine, the networking was off the charts, check out who I got to hang out with…


With Brian Burt, Founder & CEO of (he is a great dancer, by the way!)



With PJ Van Hulle, a dear friend I’ve know for years. Her site


With Sabine Messner, powerful Shaman of and the fabulous Lindsay Miller of (Lindsay and I are cooking some amazing stuff for early 2014. Stay tuned. It will be HOT!!!)


With the amazing Jeffrey Van Dyk of


With the unbelievable Adam Urbanski of (This guy is a genius! And he is super generous too. I totally fell in love with him. Shhh…don’t tell my hubby, that’s not what I wanted to come out of the closet about!!!)


With the beautiful and talented Madeleine Silva of


With the powerful and amazing Nan Akasha and her sweetie: And Alex “Being Epic” Iglecia. This guy is epic!!! Love his stage presence. ;)


With Brian Driscoll (he is the director of everything awesome for Bill & Patrick and has become a dear friend). I love Brian!

Dr. Tom Yarema, Tomasa macapinlac & Me at CBP

With the amazing Dr. Tom Yarema of Dr. Tom and I are also cooking up some yummy stuff. Stay tuned. And my soul sister Tomasa Macapinlac (more on her on the next pic)


With my soul sister, the beautiful, powerful and heartfelt Tomasa “The Business Mojo Mentor” of


With the fabulous Sandy Zeldes of Sandy and I are also going to collaborate on some cool stuff.


With the awesome Kendra Thornbury of and the magical Eva Gregory of

And there were many more amazing peeps I got to play with too…

But it wasn’t all about goofing off, we did get some work done, too!

One of the things we explored was the concept of 3rd stage relationships (where it’s not just about yours and mine, but everyone else’s well-being as well).

And it also means committing to telling the truth to each other with the intention of supporting everyone in being their BEST SELF.

It’s not always easy to tell the truth to people we love. Not if we perceive that the Truth will “hurt” them. But will it? Temporarily, it might sting a little, but then, they will be empowered to do something about whatever it was you talked to them about.

Something happened at that event that made me completely re-think everything I do!

When having a conversation with a powerful Shaman there, I broke down into tears. I started to sob uncontrollably for what felt like an eternity. It was like someone hit me upside the head and literally woke me up.

I came out of my stupor and realized that I HAD TO COME OUT OF THE SPIRITUAL CLOSET. I am a healer. I am a High Priestess. I work with energy and other planes of existence. I work with intuition and I go deep. I am clair-sentient and empathic.

I have ‘cut-off’ that part of myself for 7 years. And it’s time to bring Her back. It’s time to bring the Magical part of me back into my life and my business. Otherwise, why bother?

I want to bring the magic back into everything I do and bless my clients with the gifts of deep healing as I work with them. What I do is not superficial. Even though I work with color and style, my big WHY is because I want women to experience more Self-love. I want women to feel empowered and confident…not just about the way they look…but that is a great place to start!

How will this integration of my Healer self back into my business will play out? I don’t know. But one thing is for sure, I’m not leaving Her behind anymore.

And I also know that I am committing to being in 3rd stage relationship with you. And that means telling the truth.

In that light, I have something to share with you which will benefit you, me and all the people you are here to serve.

Look, I care about you. A lot. And I want the best for you. And if there is something I can do to help you be MORE SUCCESSFUL in your business, I will do it!

That’s why I am inviting you to spend some time with me on Wednesday. Join me for 5 Simple (& Inexpensive) Style Makeover Secrets live webinar.

Join me HERE

It will be my “coming out” party and I want you there with me. It will be good for you, good for me and good for the planet.

In Magic and in Truth, I honor you!

And I’d love to hear your thoughts on all this…post a comment below to tell me how this is all landing for you and if you can relate.


Want That “Youthful Glow” Instantly and Be Seen As Friendly & Approachable? Read on…

Nathalie Skin Tone Tank 19

It’s Summer time. Time to spend more time outdoor and in the sun. And with that, also comes a change in what we can wear, what we feel good in. I could give you a lot of background and reasons as to why what I’m about to share with you works, but you are busy, so I’m going to ask you to just trust me and keep reading.

Ok, so this season, skin tone is IN. Lucky for you! It’s one of the most flattering colors you can wear. If you do it right, it will make you look 10 years younger instantly. It will make you look fresh and give you that youthful glow that all of us want. Not only that, but it’s a color that makes people feel comfortable with you. It’s a very friendly and approachable color, which is nice to wear when you are networking to make new business contacts! ☺

But I have to warn you, if you do it wrong, it will make you look sallow and sick. It will also “wash you out” and make you “disappear”. Who needs that?

Right! So let me tell you how to do it right. So we first have to determine the temperature of your skin tone. Are you cool, warm or neutral?

Ok, so go to your jewelry box and grab 2 necklaces, 1 in silver and 1 in gold (or any piece of jewelry that’s big enough so the experiment is successful. Avoid little tiny earrings for examples). For bonus points, if you have a rose gold necklace you can grab that one too.

Now, go to a mirror where you can see yourself in natural light in and hold first the silver necklace up to your face. What happens? Is there a resonance there? Does it harmonize with you? How does your skin react? Is it happy? And most importantly, does it make you look healthy?

Now, do the same thing with the gold necklace. Hold it up and look. I mean, really look. What happens?

And if you have one, try this exercise with the rose gold necklace.

Ok, so what is the verdict? Which one looked best on you? Be honest with yourself, this is really important.

If the silver one was best, you have a cooler skin tone. If the gold one was best, you have a warmer skin tone. If rose gold was best you most likely have a neutral skin tone.

So how does that translate in clothing? you say. I’m so glad you asked!

Well, if you have a cooler skin tone, you will look best in roses and pinks. And when you are in the store looking for the perfect top in your skin tone (definitely wear this color on top and near your face!) hold it up to you and look in the mirror. What do you notice first, your eyes or the top? If it’s the top, put it back, it’s too bright or too light, or too something. If it’s your eyes, you probably have a winner.

But the main thing is that when you hold it up next to your face, it should feel like it’s exactly like your skin.

Ok, now, if you have a warmer skin tone, you will look best in the peaches, apricots, and bronze colors.

If you have a neutral skin tone, you will look best in those colors that neither too cool nor too warm. But usually, you will tend to be neutral to cool or neutral to warm. So if you “resonate” with neutral to cool, you will do well with the peachy-pinks, and some pinks and roses and for example). But if you tend to warm, you will do great with the peachy-pink, apricots and bronze colors.

Keep in mind, these are broad generalizations, but it will at least get you going in the right direction.

Now, have fun, go shopping and buy something in your skin tone. You will look MARVELOUS!

And if you want help determining your exact skin tone and what colors look best on you, go ahead and schedule a 30 min Personal Style Breakthrough Session with one of my Enlightened Beauty Strategists to explore which of my programs are best for you (click here)!

Until next time…BE RADIANT!


An Unusual Beauty Practice…

Ok, so you are a woman speaker, workshop leader, and as such you are always looking for ways to become more radiant, more attractive to your potential clients, more effective at communicating your message.

I have an unusual “beauty” practice you may not necessarily expect can help you with all those things, but it does. Before I tell you what the practice is let me share with you a little story.

Today is the super moon. The last super moon of 2013 apparently. So I wanted to be able to harness its power and send out my first newsletter to my list in that energy. I found myself being nervous, worrying, stressing out about what to send, that my VA wouldn’t be able to help me today etc… I started spinning out of control. And a place I go when I feel stressed is “I have to do everything myself”. “Nobody can do it as well as I can”. “I don’t feel supported”. Does that sound familiar?

Well, I went and did that beauty practice and here are the words I wrote in my journal right after I was done (this is how I felt): Rooted, grounded, solid, relaxed, held, received, nurtured, loved, seen, loved (I actually wrote it twice, so it must have been really strong!), open, aligned, centered, slow, smiling, sitting at the Throne of Myself.


IMG_0825Want some of that?

Here goes…

In our fast paced lifestyle, one thing is often missing, an actual connection to Mother Earth. And that can wreak havoc on our mental and physical well-being.

So here’s something you can do that will counteract some of the negative effects of the “Digital Age”.

Go barefoot on the earth. Take off your shoes and step on the ground. If there is a patch of grass or just raw earth in your garden, do it there. If you live in an apartment, make it a point to go to the park where you will be able to connect with the earth and GROUND.

I happen to have 3 magnificent redwood trees in my backyard and I go sit in between them, asking them to bless me with their amazing ability to ground. So find a tree you are drawn to and go be near that tree for inspiration and resonance.

Once you’ve stood on the earth barefoot for a few minutes, you can sit cross-legged. Once you are sitting, you can relax and focus on your breathing.

Close your eyes, inhale for 3 seconds, hold your breath for 3 seconds and exhale as slowly as you can (take 3 to 6 seconds to exhale), through the mouth. That will calm your system down.

IMG_0823 IMG_0824


Then as you continue to focus on your breath, imagine you have roots, long, healthy, beautiful roots coming out of your sacrum (your first chakra) down your legs and into the earth. Allow your roots to go down as far down into the earth as you can, until you reach the very core of the earth and as you breathe, allow anything you want to let go of to release down your roots. Allow Mother Earth to take what you don’t want anymore, She will transmute it for you. Once you’ve let go of what you don’t want anymore, imagine you can draw energy from the Earth (as if you were sipping in a straw) and into you, filling you up with that grounded, relaxed calm energy.

Feel your sits-bones firmly on the ground and become aware of how supported you really are.And as you fill yourself up with that yummy grounded energy, silently witness any tension or holding pattern anywhere in your body. Lovingly send love and appreciation to any tension-area you might feel. Send love and appreciation anywhere you feel any holding, discomfort, tension, stress, restriction. Breathe into the expansion that creates. Notice how breathing in Love & Appreciation creates more space in your body.

After you have done that for a few minutes and when you feel complete with this experience, simply say a simple silent “thank you” to Mother Earth and to the tree(s) who have helped you, open your eyes and notice how different you feel.

As business women we have so much to do and all too often we have a hard time finding the right kind of support. This exercise will help draw more support in your life. You will be more radiant, more grounded and therefore, more attractive to your potential clients.

I would love to hear your thoughts/comments/ and your experience with this practice.

Here’s to you SHINING on and off stage!