Divinely Feminine Retreat in France

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Are you a Magdalene? Are you feeling the call of the Goddess? Is she stirring things up inside of you in a way that you can no longer ignore?

Do you crave deep (re)connection with Her? If you answered yes to any of these questions, please read on.

SHE is not going to let up on you. Her call will only intensify. She wants you to answer Her. And above all, she wants you to trust Her.

It might not make sense at first and you might feel confused or even scared. She might ask you to do things you don’t want to do. Or you are scared to do. Or feel like you “can’t do”.

But in spite of your fear, you know She’s right. And you also know if you don’t follow Her guidance or do as She says, you will continue to live a life where you don’t live your full potential.

Deep down you know it’s in your best interest to listen to Her. I have been feeling Her call for quite some time, as many of you have. And following Her guidance has not been easy. I do my best.

Often, I fail miserably. But I keep going and try and do better each time. Each day I choose Her to the best of my ability. I continue to take steps toward Her and she welcomes me with open arms. She is there for me. Always.

And as a result, I have seen miracles happen in my life. I have learned to trust Her. Fully. I have a mission. I have to play my part in helping Her rise on the planet. And my part is helping my Sisters remember Her.

And being a part of their activation. So today, She wanted me to reach out to you my Sisters. Because I am going back to the caves of Mary Magdalene in July for a deep Goddess activation.

We will spend time in ritual, cleansing and purifying ourselves in the Sacred Healing Waters first, then we will journey to the cave. It’s a Pilgrimage…Walking in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene…

Then we enter the womb of the Goddess, the Hidden Caves where Mary Magdalene preached meditated and healed others. The caves are encoded with Her Magic and every time I go back more is revealed to me and all who enter.

If you are ready for a deep Goddess Activation, in Sacred Sisterhood, this trip is for you. After the caves, we will go to other Sacred Sites of the Goddess in the South of France.

Then we will make our way to Paris where we will find the best, more beautiful ways to adorn you with gorgeous clothes and accessories.

And we will then capture you beauty and radiance and the deep transformation you will have experienced through a photoshoot with the amazingly talented Lindsay A. Miller.

This is the trip of a lifetime! I only have 1 spot left. One of you will be the One to answer the call. One of you will say YES.


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