I Live in a Magic World…Here’s How You Can Too!

People often tell me that my life looks and sounds like a Fairy Tale. I agree. It does.

I am designing it that way.

Yet, it doesn’t mean that everything is always peaches and roses…things can get hard, I can get overwhelmed sometimes, I can get annoyed, angry, frustrated, disillusioned and disenchanted…

However, invariably when things go wrong, it’s a reminder for me to tune back in, get clear on what I desire, and in the moment, ask myself this question: How can I make this moment more pleasurable?

So I ask you: “How can you make this moment even more pleasurable?

When you say yes to yourself and what is pleasurable to you, the world re-arranges to support you. It’s magical.

The more I surrender to my pleasure, the more I say yes to me, the more I receive what I want. It’s simple, really.

So I invite you to get crystal clear on what you desire and on what would make your life more pleasurable and more fun.

Take one small action step today toward that. It could be anything…taking a cat nap (like I’m about to do), or organizing your shoe closet (like I did last week-end). It could be indulging in that ONE single, small piece of chocolate you didn’t want to let yourself have, or calling someone you miss.

Go ahead, say yes to you! You deserve it.

Here are a few pictures from my last “Divine Feminine Retreat” in France. It was a trip magical beyond words, we all felt like we were living in the Celestine Prophecy!



The Living Room Of Our Appartment in Paris Sacred Cave Church Dedicated to Mary Magdalene The Night Sky From Inside The Castle Walls
On our way to the Healing Waters Debora Inside The Yoni Tree

Heart Shape Rocks

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