It’s time for me to come out of the closet…

A few weeks ago, I attended an event that blew my mind called “The Conscious Business Playground” organized by the fabulous Bill Baren and Patrick Dominguez.

At that invitation-only elite event, about 100 of our industry’s luminaries came together and we explored the question “what does it mean to be a conscious business owner?”

As you can imagine, the networking was off the charts, check out who I got to hang out with…


With Brian Burt, Founder & CEO of (he is a great dancer, by the way!)



With PJ Van Hulle, a dear friend I’ve know for years. Her site


With Sabine Messner, powerful Shaman of and the fabulous Lindsay Miller of (Lindsay and I are cooking some amazing stuff for early 2014. Stay tuned. It will be HOT!!!)


With the amazing Jeffrey Van Dyk of


With the unbelievable Adam Urbanski of (This guy is a genius! And he is super generous too. I totally fell in love with him. Shhh…don’t tell my hubby, that’s not what I wanted to come out of the closet about!!!)


With the beautiful and talented Madeleine Silva of


With the powerful and amazing Nan Akasha and her sweetie: And Alex “Being Epic” Iglecia. This guy is epic!!! Love his stage presence. ;)


With Brian Driscoll (he is the director of everything awesome for Bill & Patrick and has become a dear friend). I love Brian!

Dr. Tom Yarema, Tomasa macapinlac & Me at CBP

With the amazing Dr. Tom Yarema of Dr. Tom and I are also cooking up some yummy stuff. Stay tuned. And my soul sister Tomasa Macapinlac (more on her on the next pic)


With my soul sister, the beautiful, powerful and heartfelt Tomasa “The Business Mojo Mentor” of


With the fabulous Sandy Zeldes of Sandy and I are also going to collaborate on some cool stuff.


With the awesome Kendra Thornbury of and the magical Eva Gregory of

And there were many more amazing peeps I got to play with too…

But it wasn’t all about goofing off, we did get some work done, too!

One of the things we explored was the concept of 3rd stage relationships (where it’s not just about yours and mine, but everyone else’s well-being as well).

And it also means committing to telling the truth to each other with the intention of supporting everyone in being their BEST SELF.

It’s not always easy to tell the truth to people we love. Not if we perceive that the Truth will “hurt” them. But will it? Temporarily, it might sting a little, but then, they will be empowered to do something about whatever it was you talked to them about.

Something happened at that event that made me completely re-think everything I do!

When having a conversation with a powerful Shaman there, I broke down into tears. I started to sob uncontrollably for what felt like an eternity. It was like someone hit me upside the head and literally woke me up.

I came out of my stupor and realized that I HAD TO COME OUT OF THE SPIRITUAL CLOSET. I am a healer. I am a High Priestess. I work with energy and other planes of existence. I work with intuition and I go deep. I am clair-sentient and empathic.

I have ‘cut-off’ that part of myself for 7 years. And it’s time to bring Her back. It’s time to bring the Magical part of me back into my life and my business. Otherwise, why bother?

I want to bring the magic back into everything I do and bless my clients with the gifts of deep healing as I work with them. What I do is not superficial. Even though I work with color and style, my big WHY is because I want women to experience more Self-love. I want women to feel empowered and confident…not just about the way they look…but that is a great place to start!

How will this integration of my Healer self back into my business will play out? I don’t know. But one thing is for sure, I’m not leaving Her behind anymore.

And I also know that I am committing to being in 3rd stage relationship with you. And that means telling the truth.

In that light, I have something to share with you which will benefit you, me and all the people you are here to serve.

Look, I care about you. A lot. And I want the best for you. And if there is something I can do to help you be MORE SUCCESSFUL in your business, I will do it!

That’s why I am inviting you to spend some time with me on Wednesday. Join me for 5 Simple (& Inexpensive) Style Makeover Secrets live webinar.

Join me HERE

It will be my “coming out” party and I want you there with me. It will be good for you, good for me and good for the planet.

In Magic and in Truth, I honor you!

And I’d love to hear your thoughts on all this…post a comment below to tell me how this is all landing for you and if you can relate.



  1. Congratulations on re-claiming a part of yourself that you abandoned. Your work will be even that much more powerful. With love, Rita

  2. Glad to hear that she’s out in time for our course in a week :) I’m excited to know that we’ll be informed by that part of you, as well!

  3. Joyce Kawasaki says:


    Thanks for coming out of the closet spiritually. I have been contemplating this for the last several months to a year. But still in hiding. You publicly announcing this has made me open my eyes! Yes, I can do this and it is time, really. If not now, when? It is such a big part of what I think is important in the scheme of things, yet I’m keeping it secret. I am not in alignment with an important part of myself, THE most important part of myself. Is this not the greatest fraud to walk around like I’m normal mainstream, when I’ve had contacts with the spiritual realm, am intuitive, have spirit guides and know we a living consciousness beyond our physical bodies. Natalie, thank you for leading the vanguard. I think more and more people are going to be coming out of the spiritual closet in the very near future. Thank you for stepping out! Thank you for your courage! And here it is! I am doing it here! I am out!

    • NathalieChapron says:

      Wow Joyce! That’s amazing. Thank you for your honesty and your courage too. I applaud you for taking that step. It’s not easy, I know! ;) But it’s so freeing. And like you said, it is the most important part of yourself… so for it not to be acknowledged openly bears too heavily on our souls… I’m so glad you came out of the spiritual closet with me. It’s nice to know I am not alone, and I am in great company. I wish that your coming out bears some juicy and abundant fruits for you in your business and in your life. It is time. And the world needs all of us. Here is to us reclaiming our power!

    • Joyce Kawasaki says:

      After I wrote this to you about coming out of the Spiritual Closet, someone in my 7-week online Awakening Feminine Power Course emailed me saying she was led to ask me about my healing powers! I had mentioned in our FB page, Feminine Power Sisterhood, how I had healed a toothache on two separate occasions using visualizations as an assist to someone else in pain with a toothache. She was vague about her request so I asked her to clarify. And she said she was just guided by her intuition over and over to ask me about my healing powers. So I was surprised that I could actually write a long letter about my foundational beliefs about how the brain works, how everything is energy, and how visualizations as well as qigong work to change energy vibrations and open up energy channels and how a resonant field created by a group works even faster for healing. All this happened just now, the morning after I came out of the closet spiritually here! I had forgotten I had written this last night! My gosh!!! What a wonderful turn of events! Thanks for being a catalyst, the spark to ignite my declaration of coming out of the closet.

      Here’s to reclaiming the power of Spirit of which we are one/ONE!

      Much love to a fella traveler,

      • NathalieChapron says:

        Joyce, that is absolutely wonderful! You see, that is the beauty of all this, it doesn’t take long for things to shift.
        Soon, we’ll be wondering: “why did I wait so long to do it?” (kind of like I asked myself that same questions after I had my colors and style analyzed!) :)

  4. Natalie,
    I’ve often wondered this about you.. in the little that I really know about you, I KNOW that you are a powerful healer and shaman. Remember how I used to tell you how much you reminded me of the powerful witch Morgana on the show Merlin (before she became bad and when she wore AMAZING clothing fit for a queen!) Now that you have committed to letting your magic flag fly… your business will grow exponentially because it is who you are. I for one am elated that we will finally be able to experience ALL of you and i cannot wait to see what is going to emerge as a result. Rock on sister soul.. let’s reclaim beautiful.

    • NathalieChapron says:

      Hi Elyse, Hmmm, it’s interesting to hear that you’ve often wondered that about me. And yes, true, I remember about the Morgana reference you used to make…You know, at that same event (conscious biz playground) a lady comes into the bathroom, looks at me and tells me: “did you know that you were a witch?” I laughed. Of course I knew!!! (Although, I don’t like that word: I prefer, Healer, Enchantress or High Priestess). It just was so random, yet I knew why she said it, because that part of myself wanted to be seen, acknowledged and re-integrated. And yes, Elyse, I think that my business will grow exponentially as a result, thank you for that acknowledgment. Are you integrating your healer self into your business? You’re pretty powerful yourself, sister!

  5. How wonderful, Nathalie! Congratulations on your bravery. I can’t wait to see how this all unfolds for you :)

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