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I work with 1000′s of Speakers and Experts all around the world, helping them to attract a flood of high paying clients using speaking. Stage presence is essential for Speakers and Experts’ success. When you’re in alignment with your essence, you get instant credibility, people trust you and they say YES to working with you. I refer all my clients to Nathalie for an “Enlightened Beauty” makeover. The before & after transformations are incredible… and best of all, is the internal transformations… I see my clients embracing who they really are and loving themselves at a whole new level after working with Nathalie.

Oh and BTW, not all image consultants are created equal. The average image consultant uses around 100 colors… Nathalie uses over 30,000 colors and color is just ONE level of her 9 Step System. Once you work with Nathalie, you’ll get compliments everywhere you go, clients will flock to you like bees to honey and you’ll enjoy living on purpose, fulfilling your potential and making the difference you’re called to make. For those experts who are ready to GO PRO, working with Nathalie is a MUST! She’s simply the best and will make you look (and feel) like a Million bucks!”

Shannon Law – 7 Figure Speaker Mentor Big Impact Live

“I needed new photos for my website and business and this was my first time working with a professional photographer. I was nervous because I’m not that stylish and I don’t have much fashion sense. I wanted photos that looked great.

Nathalie helped me to choose my outfits and jewelry. Going into the shoot knowing that my outfits looked good on me and were in colors that worked for me was great, and it gave me a sense of confidence that I was able to transfer into my photos. Nathalie is fun to work with. She takes a subject that could be sensitive (one’s clothes) and makes it fun and enjoyable. Working with her infuses you with confidence.”

 ~ Bethany Kelly


“It’s SO much easier to shop with a color palette and I ended up with an AMAZING photo shoot! I Feel more beautiful and confident even at home in sweats with the right T’s..”

Mary Allen After

“What I found as a result of working with you, was how the colors we wear really bring out the best in us… or don’t. It’s SO much easier to shop with a color palette and I ended up with an AMAZING photo shoot!I Feel more beautiful and confident even at home in sweats with the right T’s. I now really get the subtle difference between colors — when it’s not in my palette, it just doesn’t look and feel the same. I love that you really walk your talk in terms of only owning and wearing the colors that have you look your best. That’s inspiring to me. You’re a joy to work with!!”

~ Mary Allen


“I was afraid to be seen…I never felt at home in my body, until I got this work done… “

Judy Cohen After

“Nathalie, you are an answer to a prayer I didn’t even know I had… I was afraid to be seen… I never felt at home in my body, until I got this work done. I feel beautiful for the first time in my life, and that has psychological ramifications. I started feeling safe, and thinking: wow, this is me, I am ok, I am enough just the way I am. And also, now, I feel sexy for the first time in my life.

I went to Nordstrom yesterday afternoon and I went shopping for some outfits for my photo shoot. OMG! I can’t believe what a difference having the palette made!!! It’s so helpful. I could immediately see what colors would work and what wouldn’t. Not only that, I ended up buying two things I NEVER would have gotten beforehand. The first was a leather jacket that I never would have thought was my color (it looks FANTASTIC on me) and the second was a green suede blazer that was more money than I ever spent for any item of clothing in my entire life. But it was so accessible and so beautiful, I couldn’t say no. Besides, wearing this blazer I’m sure that I’ll get tons of business! Anyway, not bad for a first outing.”

~ Judy Cohen http://www.TheOpportunityGame.com

Ruby Algers After

“First time in my life where I felt that I was truly beautiful and that I was worth the effort…”

I appreciate your gifts and your Inner Love. When you did my colors, I can honestly say that it was the first time in my life where I felt that I was truly beautiful and that I was worth the effort! I have not let up since, so I know it is not a fad or temporary shift. I truly feel beautiful!



Ruby Alger


“My life literally changed from inside out… I am no longer afraid of my beauty and my power. I step confidently on stage with softness and beauty which allows me to own my full impact. Weeeee!!!!”

Mai Vu After

“I didn’t know the full impact of what was possible. I saw your beauty and elegance and immediately I thought to myself “She is lucky. She is French so She got that going for her. I will never have that. (Poor me)” then I thought “OMG I bet it is hugely expensive and I wont be able to afford it.”

But after I made the investment to work with you, my life literally changed from inside out. For the first time in my 48 years, I saw me in the mirror the way you saw me. I saw the beautiful me, the elegant me, the professional and HOT me. I thought I had done a lot of work with myself. I had healed a lot of shame about my looks from being a beaten child and an immigrant outcast teenager to a self-made woman. But there was more. I teach women to shed their peasant identity (hard-working, strong, independent, earning love, I can do it all woman) into their Princess (soft, gentle, joyous, receiving, magical, easy to be loved-adored-and-cherished being) and their Priestess (powerful, elegant, HOT, and in charge of their own destiny self). Working with you and your VIP program has helped me stepped into my Princess and Priestess selves fully.

I am no longer afraid of my beauty and my power. I step confidently on stage with softness and beauty which allows me to own my full impact. Weeeee!!!!

I love knowing what I look best in; the shopping trip also helped me tremendously to think about what to buy with you; the make-up class and the make-up tray, and of course the photo shoot. Super HOT and FUN.

I recommend your program to everyone I know. They see my transformation and they are inspired. Because truly, if you can help my beautiful Asian peasant self find her soft royal regal Princess, you can help anyone. My 12 year old daughter follows me around now when I get dressed because she loves looking at my new look so much. She said to me the other day “Momma, I bet you are the most beautiful woman in the room.” I said “I never think about that.” She said “Why not? You are. And it is good to know that.”

Mai Vu


“Nathalie, you woke me up to a whole new way of looking at my wardrobe… Can you move in and style me everyday?! All I can say is…WOW and THANK YOU!!!”

Jeanna Gabellini After

“Nathalie, you woke me up to a whole new way of looking at my wardrobe. You shook me out of my rut of buying the same ole, same ole and confirmed some ‘hunches’ I had about my hair color and formal wear. And just as important, you made my photo shoot for my new website come together in a way I would’ve never dreamed. Can you move you in and style me everyday?! All I can say is…WOW and THANK YOU!!!”


Jeanna Gabellini 




I love my new personalized color fan, its amazing, its me and it calls me into a new expansion of BEING. Thank you so much for your intuition, style and expertise Nathalie Chapron, you’re the best!! Can’t wait to shop (uh oh!!)

~ Sylvia Valentine www.Sylviavalentine.com

“I have had a wonderful time working with Nathalie. I was hesitant to put myself in the public eye, thinking it was going to take weight loss or even a new head to feel confident about being “seen”. Nathalie assured me I was going to be wonderfully surprised and I am! The new color palette she has given me is so ME and I feel energized and confident wearing these colors. Shopping is so fun now. The style guidelines make so much difference. Between the the new colors and the new styles people think I’ve lost weight, but even more, I am being seen as a professional by everyone. My inner sense of confidence and self are allowing me to step into my new personal and business roles. I love looking in my closet and getting dressed now. The knowledge Nathalie has shared with me has made a significant difference in my life.”

~ Andrea Bowers

“Over two decades ago, I had my colors done. I was told that I was a winter. For years I did my best to be a winter always wishing that I were something else. Although, the winter palate was bold and initially appealing to me, I would feel exhausted when I tried to use those colors in my home. By the time I met Nathalie, I was truly curious what my season might be. As you might guess, I was initially misread, and I am actually a summer. But the best part is that I wasn’t given a strictly summer palate, which is full of pastels, many of which are not that interestling to me. Instead, I have a group of dusty roses, teals, periwinkles, and rich purples that are neither winter nor pastel summer. I love them all. But perhaps best of all, I have a group of colors that go with my hazel eyes. I would have never guessed this was in my season, but am thrilled that it is.

So let’s talk about cost. Two decades ago I spent $75 to have my colors done by someone who didn’t know what they were doing and made an uneducated guess as to what my colors were. I got a standard palate of fabrics that they gave to every winter. Nathalie spent a couple of hours with me making sure that she was getting exactly the colors for me that were right for my skin, my eyes, my hair. The recommendations she made for make-up were spot on and I have never felt better wearing the clothes that I have chosen since our meeting. Is she expensive? Yes. Is she worth it? Well, for me, she saved me buying a new sofa, to name just one purchase that easily might have been unnecessary. As far as clothing, I have spent a small fortune on clothing that doesn’t look good on me. How much is that worth? Nathalie is a professional who has worked years to develop her expertise on becoming an expert on colors. She is friendly, intuitive, and made me feel at home as she worked to find the perfect palette that fits me. I will always be grateful for our meeting and having her transform my relationship with the world of colors.”

~ Jozeffa Greer

“When I met Nathalie I was coming out from two years of battling with cancer. I had gained weight and looked tired. I needed a new way to find my confidence. She was patient and went beyond what I expected. Indeed not only did she offer a new palette of colors I should use, she suggested a brand new hair color so that I could emotionally see myself as I am today and stopped comparing to the ‘old’ me. The result: I feel more confident, stopped comparing to my old self and by accepting the new me I’m better suited to go forward with my life.”

~ Nathalie Leseine www.atelierleseine.com

12948357_10153545403413575_487560268_o“I had a consult session with Nathalie recently and it was extremely helpful. She gave me several valuable recommendations on changes I should make to my wardrobe to enhance the image I present. She also made me much more mindful of the benefits of planning what I am going to wear for various types of meetings. I thought only women planned their wardrobe. Actually laying out everything I am going to wear the night before has really made a big impact on how I show up. I’m more confident because I know everything is ready, polished, and all the details have been thought through in advanced. So I arrive with a very different mindset then before. I highly recommend guys hire Nathalie. She is not just for women. Well worth the money invested.”

~ Ed Cunningham